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Career Coaching

Get the skills. Showcase your talent. Land the job!

Is your work life leaving you feeling unsatisfied, burnout, anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed? Is it affecting your personal life? You might be wondering what the next step is to create positive change.


If this is you, career counseling can help you with deciding what is best whether it be changing jobs, starting a new business, pursuing further education, or exploring ways to be satisfied in your current career. We are here to help you feel more clear, empowered and confident in your decisions.

At Intentional Living Academy, we believe in living life with intention and purpose whether it be personally or professionally. Most Americans will spend a third of their life at work and according to a 2021 study, 65% of Americans are satisfied with their work. However, only 20% of them are passionate about what they do for a living. With the recent changes due to the pandemic, many people have experienced a shift in what they need professionally.

What to Expect...

During your first appointment, your career counselor will review your intake paperwork and create an action plan based on your goals. Be prepared to be at your appointment for at least an hour. The following appointments will be tailored to your goals and needs. Most clients will benefit from 4-5 sessions. 

Ashley Kahr, CPC-I
ILA Career Coach

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