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Emotions (even the yucky ones) Fuel Dreams

So often as high achievers we underestimate the power of our emotional well being. However, it is our emotion that fuels our dreams.

We are often bombarded with advice and expectations about maintaining a "positive attitude." While this approach isn't bad, it also isn't the whole story.

A recurring message has been presenting in my space over the last week about emotions. Putting on the positive attitude is powerful but can also be stunting your growth. If in order to put on the "happy face" you have to stuff emotion, you aren't doing yourself any favors. Stuffed emotion can work against you energetically and may be the reason you are feeling STUCK at one place in your life.

Give yourself permission to feel. Life has many ups and downs, twists and turns. There is clarity, peace, and inspiration that comes on the other side of feeling hard things. Feeling those feelings and releasing them allows for the positive energy, and the motivation from new ideas, lessons and insights to fill the space that is now clear from that negativity that we sometimes hold onto.

If you find yourself overflowing with emotion (wanting to cry, but stopping yourself), exhausted (from trying to keep it all together), frustrated (that you are doing all the right things but still cant reach that next level). It is likely that these are your next steps:

1. Give permission to FEEL - the emotion. Set aside some time in a safe and private space. Open the floodgates and let the emotion flow. It could flow in the form of tears, yelling, punching a pillow, throwing ice and way that works for you to just let it out.

2. LET GO- As you felt that emotion and experienced it, you released it from your physical and emotional being. Now imagine all that energy being carried away and transmuted in the light.

3. LEARN - Take a few moments to catch your breath and as you do so invite your guides and teachers to come and share with you the lesson in this experience.

4. CONNECT - To the source of life that is bigger than you. Whatever your call it, "God, Jesus, Spirit, Universe, Mother Earth" allow their light and energy to flow into you and fill the space that has now been cleared.

5. RECEIVE - Now that you are clear and connected you can receive inspiration on what your next natural step is. Notice how your creativity flows. The solutions that were not available to you moments ago, now flood your mind and fill your heart. Be sure to record (write down or make an audio recording) of the insight, solutions and creative inspirations you are receiving.

6. TAKE ACTION - Do that next step. Follow through on the inspiration you received.

7. REWARD YOURSELF - Acknowledge the work that you have done, the action you have taken and reward yourself accordingly. This anchors in the experience and allows your ego to feel appreciated and valuable. This step is the one that is most often overlooked. Be sure to complete it. Rewarding yourself is an important element in creating lasting change.


Kasia Caldwell

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