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Living Intentionally Toward Your Life's Purpose

Our Specialties

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Practice founder, Kasia Caldwell recently published a chapter in this collaboration book about motherhood.It is a real, tell it how it is, account of what motherhood is all about. Written from the perspectives women who have lived the experiences. It is a collection of inspiring and heartfelt stories. 

About the Academy

At Intentional Living Academy, we see the value in everyone - in the unique contribution that we individually make in our lives and communities.  We strive to be a catalyst for positive change using proven clinical and holistic strategies. 


The ILA community is all about providing a place for belonging, learning and support for all areas of life –Interpersonal (relationships), Vocational (career), Financial, Recreational, and Spiritual. We do this through providing quality individual, group, and family therapy.

We are also committed to contributing to our community through providing professional learning opportunities with community based classes for parents, teachers and mental health professionals. 

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